Being Hardly Normal

By Derek Humphries and Mark Horvath

How the Lizard Man of Hollywood Boulevard became the Sock Man of Social Change

Monday, 7 September 2020

Where are we?

Hello, and I hope you are getting through these times.

It's been too long since I sent you an update on the book; I apologise for that, and want to thank you very much indeed for your patience, and to give you an update on where we are.

It has of course been a tough year for everyone. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. My co-writer, Mark has had an especially challenging year. This has been above all at a personal level. Moreover, he has been working relentlessly to support people who are homeless. As you might imagine, individuals, communities, and services have been hit brutally hard by the coronavirus pandemic As well as placing huge demands on Mark and Invisible People, the arrival of COVID-19 has led us to reassess some of the content of the book..

With Mark being in North America and me in Europe, we haven'tmanaged to see each other since late last year. All in all, none of this has been conducive to completing the book which we had hoped would be in its production stages by now.

I'm aware this may sound like a litany of excuses when you and many others have put such faith in our book project. I hope you understand. I will be in touch again once I can give you an update on timings, and in the meantime please feel free to reach me at

Huge thanks as ever


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