Being Hardly Normal

By Derek Humphries and Mark Horvath

How the Lizard Man of Hollywood Boulevard became the Sock Man of Social Change

Monday, 4 November 2019

More than on the way

Hello Team Hardly Normal, and thank you for all your support so far! We passed through 33% funding yesterday, and even I can work out that we are thus already more than a third of the way to the total we need to rasie to bring our book to fruition.

Of course, it's not merely about money. Far from it. It's about a huge amount of work still to do. Mark and I spent four days together recently to review the draft and plan out the changes for the second draft. I confess, at the start of the project I had not appreciated quite what an emotional challenge it was going to be for Mark to unearth stories from his times livign homeless. Massive respect to him.

Thanks agan for your support so far, not just financial but the messages of support and the recommendations on social media and to friends.

All the best


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