Being Hardly Normal

By Derek Humphries and Mark Horvath

How the Lizard Man of Hollywood Boulevard became the Sock Man of Social Change

Saturday, 25 January 2020

How quickly things change

Hello Supporters of Being Hardly Normal

Thought I'd just give you a quick update.

One of the really interesting aspects of writing the book is just how quickly things change. It would be an understatement to say that the environment for homeless people is becoming more hostile. Not just hostile architecture specifcally designed to prevent rest. But hostile activity in the form of camp clearances that, often without warning, destroy people's homes, possessions, and have recently caused severe injuires. And then there is the hostile political environment, with an increasing trend towards criminalising people who are lviing without a home.

My view of the issue is through the lens of the media and social media from my home in Europe, whereas Mark sees things on the ground across many US and Canadian towns and cities.

Although the picture changes all the time, it remains clear that we need to change the story of homelessness and ensure that so many of our fellow humans do not remain invsible to so much of society.

Some supporters of this book project have asked me recently what else they can do to help the book see the light of day. My first answer is that you have already done a brilliant thing. You support really means everything. If you want to do something else, then by far the best thing is to recommend the book to 2-3 people in a perosnal email including the link to the crowdfunding page. This tends to be more effective than general social media sharing, though please feel free to do that too!

As I said, you've already done a brilliant thing, which we appreciate enormously.

Thanks so much for supprting Being Hardly Normal.

With best wishes


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