By Zahed Sultan (editor)

A collection of essays prescribed by voices from the Middle East, South Asia, and the diaspora.

Monday, 18 January 2021

Creating Space

"As a Muslim woman, there are so few platforms that allow me to speak as I am” expresses Aina J Khan, an essayist for our 'Haramacy' book.

We live in a highly connected world. So much so - at times - it makes us want to disconnect from the injustice and inequality that we see around us. Stories, on the other hand, have a unique ability to create a sense of belonging and encourage understanding for that which is different or misunderstood. And, if told creatively, stories have the power to instill empathy in people.

Today marks two months since we launched our project on Unbound and we've reached 44% of our funding goal. As we near the halfway mark, I'm learning to share our stories in a relatable way in order to bring people closer to our space and connect with our experiences.

Happy new year.


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Lucy Al-Zoghbi
 Lucy Al-Zoghbi says:

Happy New Year Zahed and the Haramacy team! Thank you for sharing this video, so good to hear from the contributing writers! I'm really excited to support this project, thank you for making it happen!

posted 18th January 2021

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