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By James Ellis

Sometimes, for one’s own sanity, it’s best to rip up an entire life and start again. The question is: whose life? And who does the ripping?

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Nearly there

Dear supporters of An Other's Look. We are at 80%. To quote a friend of mine, this is 'totes great'.

The campaign for seeking pledges has shifted to speaking events. I am giving a talk on crowdfunding at our local preservation trust next week and I'm at the Bristol Literary Festival at the end of October with United Authors, again talking about our books and the joy of crowdfunding. I'm hoping to get some additional support from both of these engagements.

There are still lots of people who have promised to pledge but haven't got around to it yet (I have all their names mwah-ha-haa) so I'm very hopeful that we'll be at 100% in the next couple of months or so.

I still haven't mastered the art of asking people without being awkward and embarrassed. I decided that the personal approach might be best so I stood outside our local library with a handful of leaflets publicising An Other's Look hoping to engage with book lovers. However, every time I saw people approaching they seemed so happy or busy that I couldn't bring myself to interrupt them. When I finally stopped someone she read my leaflet closely and then handed it back, saying she would keep an eye out for the author. I wanted to say 'I am the author' but I just smiled and put the leaflet back in my pile. The net result of an hour's lurking by the library was two leaflets handed out, and one handed back. Totes useless.

But it was sunny day so that was all right.

More news soon!



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