Happy Family

By James Ellis

Sometimes, for one’s own sanity, it’s best to rip up an entire life and start again. The question is: whose life? And who does the ripping?

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Happy Family book launch: James Ellis in conversation with Germaine Kiecke - Saturday April 25th

Hello - I am very excited. The London launch of Happy Family will be on Saturday, 25 April at the brilliant independent bookshop, Nomad Books. It will start at 18.45.

The reason I'm so excited is because as part of the launch I am going to be interviewed by Germaine Kiecke - art academic, TV journalist and lead character in Happy Family. As you can imagine, getting someone with Germaine’s credentials to appear in person is a real coup, and I am indebted to Hannah Robins-Frank for helping Germaine make the unusual journey from fiction to reality. I absolutely cannot wait.

After the interview there will be some Q&A and a short reading. Alcohol and refreshments will be available – and I have no doubt we shall repair to a local pub later on for more launching.

Please come along so I can thank you personally for all your support. And if you have a copy of the book, bring it along too and I can sign it. If not, there will be plenty on sale. Let me know if you can make it.

Nomad Books is at 781 Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 5HA. More details to follow.

Blog Tour

As part of the launch programme, Happy Family is also going on a blog tour. You can follow its progress by checking out the bloggers each day. The poster is below.

That's all for the moment - other than to say if you have read the book and have a spare moment, please leave a review on either Amazon or Goodreads. It really does help.

Hope to see you at the launch.


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