Given Half a Chance: Ten Ways to Save the World

By Edward Davey

How to address the world’s environmental challenges and make life better and more peaceful for people, nature, and the planet

Monday, 9 January 2017

Sir David Attenborough; 80% funded; links to interviews with Gordon Conway & Peter Wadhams; and a first draft 20,000 words to the editor!

Dear All,

It was a great privilege to interview Sir David Attenborough on Wednesday 4th January for the book. His mind was as startlingly vibrant and agile as ever, and he was generous with his intellect and his time. I am very grateful to him, and will treasure the photograph that his daughter Susan kindly took of us both at the end.

I have transcribed the interview in full, and it currently takes pride of place as a preface to 'A Restored Earth', a first draft 20,000 words of which I submitted to my editor on Monday 9th January for guidance and comment.  

Yesterday, I also reached 80% of my funding target, which is very encouraging -- and I am gearing up for a last push for the final 20% over the weeks ahead.  Please do share news of the project with anyone you know who might be interested in coming behind the book at this stage.  Any support, however big or small, truly welcome.

Meanwhile, two new interviews have gone up on line -- Sir Gordon Conway on agriculture and Professor Peter Wadhams on the Arctic -- so please do have a listen if you have the time.  

A few more will follow soon, including the ever inspiring Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever; the insightful and articulate Owen Barder at the Center for Global Development; and the deeply knowledgeable and thoughtful Professor of Biodiversity at UCL, Georgina Mace.

Gordon Conway:

Peter Wadhams:

I will be in touch again next week with a further update...

Very best wishes and thanks again so much for all the support,





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