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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Dear All,

An update on 'A Restored Earth', now 101% funded thanks to all of you!


Links to six recent various recent interviews are now up on line: I hope you enjoy them.

Dr. Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, kindly recorded on video by Christian Aid:

Mark Watts, Director of the C40, a coalition of the world's cities to address climate change:

Isabel Hilton, Director, China Dialogue, fascinating on China's environmental situation and attempts to alleviate it:

Tony Long, Director, Ending Illegal Fishing Project, Pew (a former Navy Commander who now devotes his life to ending illegal fishing):

Tara Garnett, Director, Food Climate Research Network (very thoughtful on food policy and food systems):

Alex Evans, Author of 'The Myth Gap', Center for International Cooperation, New York (the brilliant writer, campaigner and thinker about myths, stories, politics; great on how to win the argument in these political times and to build a big, unifying coalition):

There will be a few more interviews in the weeks ahead, if all goes according to plan: James Thornton, the inspiring founder of the legal campaigning charity 'Client Earth'; Louise Rouse, a fossil fuel divestment campaigner; David Nussbaum, Chief Executive at 'The Elders'; Simon Reddy, Chair of the Global Oceans Commission; the environmentalist and writer Satish Kumar, former editor of 'Resurgence' magazine; and others.

A talk

In other news, I am giving my first talk on the subject of the book next week at a student hall of residence -- Netherhall -- in Hampstead: do come along if you'd like: details below.  I'm looking forward to testing out the ideas in the book with a live audience of international students; to hear how they land; and to see which have more resonance than others.  A helpful test at this point...

The writing

I have two months to finish a first draft of the book in time for mid-April, when our baby is due.  So there's not a moment to lose, and I'm doing my best to do as much as possible every week alongside work, NCT classes, the interviews themselves, and the rest of life.  More soon!

All the best,



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IDEAA Regeneration Systems
IDEAA Regeneration Systems says:

Well done Edward!
Looking forward to seeing the book alive.

February 17, 2017

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