Given Half a Chance: Ten Ways to Save the World

By Edward Davey

How to address the world’s environmental challenges and make life better and more peaceful for people, nature, and the planet

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Quick update: book launches; talks; reviews; etc...

Dear All,

Not long now until the book is out in shops and on websites -- Thursday 18th April!

I have launches in Washington DC on Thursday 4th April at 17:00 at WRI, and in London at Daunt Books at 18:30 on Wednesday 10th April (note later start time for the London launch than previously announced...).  Please do join me - and feel free to invite friends who you think might be interested. 

A few other talks lined up too -- and very open to others: if your company, school or place of work might be amenable, do let me know. 

For those of who you have read the book already, and who feel so minded, please do consider leaving a brief review of the book on Amazon.  Fifty such reviews, I am told, and the book might briefly enjoy relative notoriety in its category section on Amazon -- this would make a big difference.

No reviews in newspapers as yet, but hopeful this might change once it is out; same for other media -- radio, TV, etc.  We will see.

Copies of the book have been shared widely.  Michael Gove said thank you for his copy -- and so there is surely now an at least 10% chance that the next Prime Minister will be even more committed to a restored earth than he was before.  I was also delighted to send one to Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland -- Mary remains a heroine of mine, and gave a wonderful talk on climate justice at the Kew International Prize earlier this week.

With warmest wishes,


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