Given Half a Chance: Ten Ways to Save the World

By Edward Davey

How to address the world’s environmental challenges and make life better and more peaceful for people, nature, and the planet

Saturday, 4 August 2018

'Given Half a Chance: Ten Ways to Save the World'

Dear Friends and Supporters,                                                                         Saturday 4th August 2018

It has been an exciting month for my book.

The first news is that I have a new title!  After extensive consultation, and with some encouragement from the editorial team at Unbound, my revised title for the book is: 'Given Half a Chance: Ten Ways to Save the World'.

My thanks in particular to my thoughtful editor Phil for his guidance here.  I use the phrase 'given half a chance' a number of times in the book, and he argued persuasively that this phrase would be more striking and enticing as a title than my original 'A Restored Earth'.

Much of the challenge of selling a book, I am told, is for the potential buyer in a shop to be immediately drawn to a given title.  Faced with such a panoply of attractive choices, you really only have a split second to draw a reader in and capture their interest.  We judged that 'Given Half a Chance' would be much more likely to do that.  

My thanks to all those who gave feedback on the title options following a period of consultation last month.  I do hope you feel as bonded with the new title as I certainly am.  And let's hope the decision will be vindicated!

The next piece of good news is that the creative team at Unbound have come up with a fantastic front cover, which we look forward to sharing with you all very soon.  It's an arresting image -- combining our environmental predicament and the sense of hope I seek to give in the book in one real photograph -- and one which we hope, again, will set the book apart on the shelves when it comes out.  We will be sharing this image in the next few weeks.

And this, dear reader, brings me to the third piece of good news: I am delighted to say the book is due to be published in April 2019 (provisional date, t.b.c., 18th April 2019).  If all goes according to plan, this is the due date -- it certainly won't be before then, and it could slip by a month or so.  But I shall be crossing my fingers that it lands on shelves in April 2019.  And if it does end up being the 18th April, this is just before (a) World Earth Day, on 22nd April and (b) Oli's 2nd birthday, on 28th April -- both auspicious dates, I feel.  So, fingers crossed on that score too.  

I am immersed in the final edit, having received the manuscript back from the highly meticulous and attentive copy editor Lindeth Vasey.  (I don't know Lindeth, but am so grateful to her for her excellent work -- and note with amazement she edits D.H. Lawrence editions for Penguin, among other things.  A privilege to have had my musings pored over by her). 

My edits are due back to Unbound by 20th August; my editor Imogen then reviews it again; and we then proceed to the first manuscript version, for a final proofread.  All very exciting.  

All my thanks to you all for your support and your patience.  The end is in sight.  The book will be in all your hands before too long...

Yours ever,


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Eduardo Plastino
 Eduardo Plastino says:

Great stuff, Ed. Congratulations on your progress!!

posted 6th August 2018

Anni Kelsey
 Anni Kelsey says:

It is so good to hear that the end is in sight - it has clearly been a long labour of love on all your parts and I am very much looking forward to reading the finished product.

posted 6th August 2018

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