An update on 'A Restored Earth'

Friday, 24 March 2017

Dear All,

A moving and disturbing week, with the sad and shocking events in London, the desperate humanitarian crisis in Yemen and Sub-Saharan Africa, and -- on the climate and environment issue -- further signs that President Trump seems set on rowing back on so many of the positive environmental steps taken by his predecessor (not to mention administrations of the past 40 years), at a time when we can ill afford any steps in the wrong direction. 

A difficult time to feel optimistic about the state of the world.

And yet, life goes on -- and in London, it's been quietly inspiring to watch people do just that, with much kindness, dignity, and good will on evidence in recent days. 

I've conducted a few interviews this week: Tristram Stuart, an inspiring and articulate campaigner on food waste, a cause in which I believe passionately; Rachel Kyte, Special Representative to the UN Secretary General on Sustainable Energy for All, a brilliant and committed climate change leader who carries this massive challenge of our times with great skill and commitment; and Leo Hickman, the kind and insightful Editor of Carbon Brief, a daily digest of the world's climate change news, who knows a very great deal about climate change and the world's efforts to address it. I hope you enjoy them: links to each interview follow below.

Tristram Stuart --

Rachel Kyte --

Leo Hickman --

The book is (I think) beginning to come together, with more work to follow in the coming weeks as D and I approach 'the big day'.

Very best wishes and thanks as ever to you all,


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