Given Half a Chance: Ten Ways to Save the World

By Edward Davey

How to address the world’s environmental challenges and make life better and more peaceful for people, nature, and the planet

Friday, 10 March 2017

An update on 'A Restored Earth'

Dear Friends,

A brief update on 'A Restored Earth: Ten Paths to A Hopeful Future'.

I feel as if the book is beginning to come together, but there is a great deal still to do.  The next month is critical, as at any time from early April onwards I expect to become a father - a joyous prospect, on so many fronts; but not perhaps, in the early months at least, one readily compatible with ardent, energetic and effective book-writing, although we will see!

So: the onus is on a dynamic month ahead, and the filing of where I've got to with my kind editor Phil shortly before Baby arrives.  This is the plan...

Meanwhile, I've interviewed a few fantastic people since my last update, links to which follow below:

Dr. Andrew Steer, the commanding intellect & brilliant communicator who is President of the US-based World Resources Institute, one of the preeminent global think tanks on international environmental issues, who gave a masterful overview of the issues in a brisk half hour earlier this week:

Louise Rouse, another brilliant speaker, in dulcet Irish tones to boot, who has campaigned with great effectiveness on climate change, stranded assets, the Arctic and related issues for many years:

Matt Rand, the eloquent ocean and marine protected area campaigner who leads the US philanthropic foundation Pew's global campaigns on marine protected areas, with significant successes under their belt in recent years:

And David Nussbaum, the thoughtful, wry, perceptive and kind-hearted recently-appointed CEO of The Elders, responsible for stewarding Nelson Mandela's and Richard Branson's original idea of a group of senior global statesmen and women who would help shape global affairs in a better direction in these challenging times for the years ahead:

My thanks, as ever, to all four for their kindness in sparing their time and their thoughts.  I am consistently amazed and humbled by how readily people seem to be to collaborate in this way with the enterprise of a book, and attribute this entirely to our culture's ongoing fascination with and appreciation for the medium of the book.

All good wishes, and more from me in a week or two,


p.s. I am in the market for five to ten Platonic readers and critics of a first draft of the book in mid-April: any volunteers, please do kindly let me know by email:

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