Given Half a Chance: Ten Ways to Save the World

By Edward Davey

How to address the world’s environmental challenges and make life better and more peaceful for people, nature, and the planet

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Restored Earth: Ten Paths to a Hopeful Future

Dear All,

A quick update from me with six reflections, pieces of news and calls for help:

1. First things first: Oliver is ten weeks old and a huge source of laughter and joy, not to mention renewed passion and concern for the future of this precious planet of ours; D and I are enthralled by our beloved son and his every move, smile and laugh...;

2. I have a new Patron for the book, Steve Wake, who has kindly moved his Association for Project Management -- the APM -- to get behind the book in return for a keynote speech on its subject at the annual gathering of project managers in London in early November: an offer I was only too pleased to accept (how excellent it would be, Steve argued, if more project managers were more steeped in the global picture on the big sustainability issues of our time);

3. I am doing as much as I can to finish the book on the side of a busy day job and my duties as a father in the evenings, early mornings and at weekends.  A number of interviewees said to me, in the months before Oli's arrival: 'Do as much as you can (if not finish the thing) before he comes, otherwise you'll never manage it otherwise...!' While I'm determined to prove them wrong, I can see what they mean...  My main hope is that August proves a quieter month and provides an opportunity for some quality writing time alongside the rest of life;

4. If I do manage to submit a strong manuscript by end August, as I very much hope to, then my kind editor Phil is all set to begin to take the project to the next phase: an exciting prospect, with cover design, marketing strategy, publication date, editing, all on the horizon.  And so finish I must...

5. Meanwhile, in the big wide world, so much is happening on every front. Every day brings with it new developments, political, economic, technological, climatic; new stories: some good, some bad; greater scientific understanding; political developments and setbacks; climate leadership in the EU, China and across many cities and companies in the US; but resiling elsewhere, led of course by President Trump and his close allies.  I am doing my best to follow what is happening and identify wherever I can to the broader currents of progress which continue to suggest an optimistic future lies within our grasp, if we can but seize it!

6. I remain in the market for further interviews with people and thinkers of note on the issues of the book, so do please send any suggestions or offers my way; equally, I am in the market for chapter or whole manuscript reviewers who would be willing to cast a sage eye over parts or all of the book, in early August, in time for my final few weeks of editing and review through the rest of the month.  All/any thoughts and offers of help warmly welcome:

Very best wishes and thanks to you all, and more from me soon!


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