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By Edward Davey

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Friday, 14 October 2016

34% funded; and a recording of an interview with Lord Nicholas Stern

Dear All,

To celebrate the milestone of reaching a third of my funding target (for which many renewed thanks to all of you!), please find below a link to my interview with Lord Nicholas Stern, President of the British Academy. 

We recorded the interview yesterday in Nick's sunlit office at the Academy, where he will continue to serve as President until next July, alongside his various roles at the LSE.

Nick has been a luminary in the climate change field since (at least) 2006, when he wrote the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change for the British Government, a pioneering report which made a strong international case for the economics of action on climate change.

Nick has been at the heart of the international climate effort since then, and indeed witnessed the signing of the Paris Agreement on the last day of the negotiations in December 2015.  As I thanked him at the end of the interview, he said that he felt that while we could by no means claim 'job done', and that there was still a mountain to climb, he was optimistic that things were changing, fast, and that we could still act to turn things round; at the very least, it was 'job begun'.

In our 22 minutes, Nick speaks of Barcelona, Bogotá, cities, pollution, health, forests and land use, renewable energy, energy access for those off the grid, India, China, Amartya Sen, intra-generational ethics, and much else besides.  I do hope you enjoy it. 

As ever, thoughts and feedback most welcome:

All the best,




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