24 Stories

By Paul Jenkins, R. Martin, Steve Thompson and Kathy Burke

An anthology of short stories to aid PTSD related needs of survivors of the Grenfell tower fire and Trauma Response Network.

Monday, 2 April 2018

On the home straight.

Dear Pledgers,

The book is in the final stages of production and now the limited edition crowdfund copies are sold out! Incredible. Don't forget to tell anyone who has an e-reader that the e-book edition of 24 Stories is still available here for £10 with the majority of the sale price going to charity.

Of course since it is distributed by Penguin it can be pre-ordered via several large, popular retailers including Waterstones and Amazon, as well as Hive.co.uk who support independent bookshops throughout the UK so's they don't disappear! we all know the multisensory bliss of walking into a bookshop.

24 Stories is published on 14th June 2018.

Thank you for your kindness and support.

Much love.

K, P, S & R


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