24 Stories

By Paul Jenkins, R. Martin, Steve Thompson and Kathy Burke

An anthology of short stories to aid PTSD related needs of survivors of the Grenfell tower fire and Trauma Response Network.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

...and we're off!

Hello everyone!

What an incredible 3 1/2 months of bringing together 24 authors including chatting up 12 top authors from across a broad spectrum of genres as well as opening the project up as a "competition" to find 12 interesting new authors to be part of our project. 

Goodness me, what an amazing response! Come the 31st July deadline we had received hundreds of entries which kept four sharp eyed readers very busy for several hours a day for four weeks; each reading through the invidual submissions, discussing, selecting, discussing...it was an exhausting and very difficult process.  Their eyes hurt. A lot. They still do.

We have been through the editing process with our Kath, getting the i's crossed and t's dotted, manuscripts gathered, permissions granted and a whole array of detailed project management tasks to ensure we had everything polished and in place to send to Unbound in it's entirety.

Now it is in their hands to commence the editorial process and as they update us we will pass the news on to you all.

Thank you for helping 24 Stories reach 120% so far! Now we have tipped over 100% thanks to the kindness of Unbound all profits will go to our chosen charity Trauma Response Network. 

Please help us continue to spread the word further and for 24 Stories to soar to new heights in crowd-fund pledges.


R, P, K & S

The 24 Stories team

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