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Monday, 2 April 2018

Dear Pledgers,

The book is in the final stages of production and now the limited edition crowdfund copies are sold out! Incredible. Don't forget to tell anyone who has an e-reader that the e-book edition of 24 Stories is still available here for £10 with the majority of the sale price going to charity.

Of course since it is distributed by Penguin it can be pre-ordered via several large, popular…

24's Winter Wrap-up

Sunday, 10 December 2017


Here's an update on all things 24 Stories.

Firstly, the book. It's now being typeset so soon there will be a version that the editor and contributors can look at and make any necessary amendments. Once that's done we will be looking at a final proof and, if all things go to plan, we will be publishing on June 14th 2018, the first anniversary of the Grenfell fire.

Secondly, check…

...and we're off!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Hello everyone!

What an incredible 3 1/2 months of bringing together 24 authors including chatting up 12 top authors from across a broad spectrum of genres as well as opening the project up as a "competition" to find 12 interesting new authors to be part of our project. 

Goodness me, what an amazing response! Come the 31st July deadline we had received hundreds of entries which kept four sharp…

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