Greetings from Effin' Birds

By Aaron Reynolds

A Tear-Out Postcard Book featuring 100 all-new and as rude as ever Effin' Birds!

Monday, 11 January 2021

Cover reveal!

Happy New Year, everyone. The cover for Greetings From Effin’ Birds has been finalized. Here it is!

There's also a publication date, which I won't jinx by saying out loud. The site here says summer 2021 while I have been saying fall 2021 the whole time. I am told by students of the calendar that this date is, in fact, technically a summer date, but it is so late in the summer that I suspect ordinary people would assume it is in the fall.

Thanks for all your support in making this book happen!

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Heather Gray
 Heather Gray says:

Hey peeps,
When will we be getting these awesome postcards?

posted 9th August 2021

Aaron Reynolds
 Aaron Reynolds says:

Hi Heather! Should be some time in September if everything goes well. First copies have just started to arrive from the printer.

posted 10th August 2021

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