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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

I am delighted to report that crowdfunding to support the publication of Green Gold: The lost journals of John Jeffrey is now complete.

Thanks to a generous donation from Forest Holidays Ltd., the crowdfunding effort has just received the much-needed final push over the line.

I had completed the manuscript even before launching the crowdfunding with Unbound, but knowing that 100% funding was approaching, I've recently revised it to complete a final writer's draft.

I'll write again soon with details of the publication timetable, and they will be posted on the book's page at Meanwhile, these are the next main steps:

  • I submit the final manuscript to Unbound
  • Unbound initiate the editorial process (appointing a Copy Editor and Editor)
  • I respond to the editors by producing the final copy
  • The design team get to work
  • Publication date is finalised
  • Unbound marketing team get to work
  • I work with partners to finalise events around the book's launch
  • Book is published and Rewards issued

I cannot thank enough those wonderful people who trusted in me and supported the book's publication - THANK YOU!

If you've not yet subscribed, for a limited time (details to be confirmed) it is still possible to become a book patron. A subscription will allow your name (or a loved one's) to be appear in the book, and you will receive one of the Rewards listed, including the fabulous limited edition print by botanical artist Nicola Macartney.

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Publication date: April 2019
106% funded
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