Green Gold: The Epic True Story of Victorian Plant Hunter John Jeffrey

By Gabriel Hemery

160 years after the disappearance of a promising young explorer, the discovery of his missing journals finally reveals the truth behind an extraordinary adventure

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Final few days for new Subscribers

Until midnight on 24th February, if you pledge your support for Green Gold by pre-ordering your copy direct from Unbound, you will have your name printed as a Subscriber in the book.  Alternatively, you can provide the name of a someone else instead for a totally unique gift.

Once this deadline passes, then the final proofs will be prepared, including the lists of my lovely Subscribers. If you are already a Subscriber you will soon receive an email from Unbound asking you to check that your entry is correct.

If you've not yet Subscribed, or know someone who may be interested, please spread the word. Thank you.


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