Editing Green Gold

Saturday, 3 November 2018

I've just finished the first main edit of Green Gold, working with the Editor, Laura, and the Editorial Team from Unbound.

It's such a privilege having a professional editor read your completed novel.  Yet, when you submit a final manuscript to the publishers, so many questions and fears go through your mind. What will they think of it? Does the plot work? Is it interesting or gripping enough?

A few weeks ago I received the manuscript back from Laura with the first edits. Overall, feedback was very positive which was a great relief. Laura made gentle suggestions here and there, and offered some really helpful thoughts on some structural points.

I've since spent a couple of intensive weeks reworking the manuscript. Overall, it's grown to about 80,000 words, and I feel it has really benefited from several new scenes that I've written. 

This was my set-up on the kitchen table (thank you for your patience family!). I found my first book, The New Sylva, a very useful mount for my screen!

Next steps:
The Editor is currently reviewing the revised manuscript, and I expect to receive it back for another reworking, some time in mid-November. After that, I will work with a Copy Editor to 'cross the Ts, and dot the Is'. Overall, I believe we are on track for publication in Spring 2019.

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