Great Explanations

By Mark Lorch

20 top scientists on the best things they ever learnt

Friday, 26 November 2021

Retroviruses, Aurora & Stem Cells

By backing Great Explanations you aren't just helping to create another science book; you are supporting the communication of solid, evidence-based science and amplifying the voices of emerging science communicators - the people who will be dealing with the world’s future challenges and beating the drum for evidence for years to come.

So it is a real pleasure to introduce three more contributors and the topics for their Great Explanations

Dr Melanie Windridge is a plasma physicist working on fusion energy. She's long been fascinated by the beauty and wonder of aurora. Melanie’s chapter will delve into the history, geography and of course the mind blowing space science behind this most spectacular atmospheric events. You can find Melanie on twitter where she goes by @m_windridge 


Alia Sajani is a PhD student at Dartmouth College studying the processes that keep the immune system from attacking the rest of the body. Her chapter delves into retroviruses, a type of virus that integrates into our DNA. Alia also goes by @AliaSajani

Dr Sophie Milbourne is a science communicator, blogger and TED talk alumnus. Sophie will take you through a tour of embryonic stem cells and how they may be the future of regenerative medicine. You can follow Sophie on twitter via @sophtalkssci


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