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By Mark Lorch

20 top scientists on the best things they ever learnt

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Introducing the contributors - Kelly Stanford

The thing that makes 'Great Explanations' really GREAT, is the diversity of the contributing authors. We've got research scientists, engineers, science writers and science communicators, from the up-and-coming to the well established. I'd like to use these updates to introduce you to all our wonderful writers.

Starting with Kelly Stanford (aka @thelabartist on twitter).

Kelly is a science communicator, PhD student and a truly amazing, versatile artist. You really must check our her work, ranging from hyper-realistic images of insects to science themed public sculptures and portraits of scientists. 

Kelly is currently researching the use of art and games to communicate complex ideas. She's already created and tested one game, Resilience, to communicate flood risks. And she's recently started work on a new game based on historical characters from science, engineering and Maths

Kelly will be contributing a chapter on the overlap of art and science, and she is also offering up her talents as a reward for backing Great Explanations. Should you wish she'll create you a portrait incorporating your interests into the image, like this one of Rosalind Franklin.


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