Grand Dishes

By Iska Lupton and Anastasia Miari

A cookbook of time-perfected recipes and stories from wise and witty grandmothers across the globe

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

The Grand Dishes Christmas Shop

Hello, granny supporters. We hope that you're well. 

Here's a note to say that we have opened The Grand Dishes Shop just in time for Christmas. 

Spread and share in the granny love with one of our embroidered T-shirts or a beautiful art print from our collection of film photography.


Our "Grannies are cool" or "My granny cooks better than yours" white cotton T-shirts are embroidered in your choice of red or black. They come in sizes small to extra large.

Here they are 


Our prints come in A3 or A2 and are beautifully matte printed using the Giclée method and then mounted. There are 10 specially-selected photographs from our travels cooking with grandmothers of the world to choose from.

Here they are 

We will be putting in the T-shirt and print orders on December 8th, so get your order in by Monday 7th December.



Now for a book update. Grand Dishes is designed and ready, the cover artwork is set (above — we hope you love it) and the book is due for release in March 2021. Grand Dishes can be now be preordered online at Foyles and Waterstones. It's all very exciting. 

We hope you enjoy perusing the shop and wish you a happy run-up to Christmas,

Iska and Anastasia x

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Frances Calman
 Frances Calman says:

What about childrens' sizes for the T-shirts?

posted 24th November 2020

Frances Calman
 Frances Calman says:

If there were childrens' sizes I would buy them for Christmas presents.

posted 24th November 2020

Oliver Ivory-Bray
 Oliver Ivory-Bray says:

Agree, children's sizes would be an excellent gift, Granny and Grandkids can have matching ones!!

posted 24th November 2020

Iska Lupton
 Iska Lupton says:

Hi both, we are looking into it and will update you as soon as we can confirm it's possible!

posted 24th November 2020

Teresa Hopps
 Teresa Hopps says:

Teresa Hopps says:
Yes please for children's t-shirts and in other colours. I would definitely buy

posted 25th November 2020

Anastasia Miari
 Anastasia Miari says:

Hi all! T-shirts in kids' sizes are now available - here's the link to the shop again! Thanks for your support and for sharing the granny love!

posted 25th November 2020

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