Grand Dishes

By Iska Lupton and Anastasia Miari

A cookbook of time-perfected recipes and stories from wise and witty grandmothers across the globe

Thursday, 26 September 2019



What a fine day it is to announce that we have FINALLY hit 100% in our granny cookbook crowdfund and will have these grannies on the bookshelves (officially!) and through your letter boxes as soon as we possibly can. 

We have a couple of granny missions to head out on before the book is complete but as you have probably gathered from our collection of granny life lessons and recipes on the website, we're well on our way to getting Grand Dishes to you.

Thank you to all that have believed in this project. To those that love the idea of cooking from time-perfected recipes of grandmothers and to those that simply bought Grand Dishes in order to support us. Thanks to all friends who bought the book and thank you to the new friends we have made as a part of the journey. What a fulfilling, enlightening, heart-warming process this has been. 

Big love to you all. We'll now get on with making our granny jam and making those pledges happen for real. Someone did elect the 'Wooden spoon licked by a granny' option. So that's going to be interesting. 

If anyone wants to upgrade their pledge - we also have beautifully embroidered 'My granny cooks better than yours' T-shirts now available. See below. You can upgrade your pledge in your Unbound account for a very exclusive Grand Dishes t-shirt.

Kisses for now,

Iska + Anastasia x x x

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