Grand Dishes

By Iska Lupton and Anastasia Miari

A cookbook of time-perfected recipes and stories from wise and witty grandmothers across the globe

Monday, 3 June 2019

Lessons in love from Colombian Abuela Gloria

Supporters! Hello!

Sorry we've been quiet a while - we've been busy travelling to far off lands on our granny mission. Just in two months we've covered Russia, Israel and Cuba, cooking with grandmothers and devouring their lessons on love and life.

We do have an update though! Granny Gloria from Colombia and her delicious, soul-warming ajiaco (chicken soup packed with flavour) is now live on the website. Including notes on grief and on the importance of crying. 

Enjoy xx

I really believe that being hopeful, open to life, life experiences and what other people offer is what is important. It’s important to receive what people have to give and to give back too - we get enriched when we give.

- Abuela Gloria

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