Grand Dishes

By Iska Lupton and Anastasia Miari

A cookbook of time-perfected recipes and stories from wise and witty grandmothers across the globe

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Grand Dishes on Nowness

Hey all,

It's true, we have been a little off the radar recently, but for good reason. We've been busy pulling together a short film for Grand Dishes for the leading video screening platform, Nowness.

This summer, we set out to shoot Yiayia - my Greek grandmother and the inspiration behind Grand Dishes - going about her daily routine. So much of her day is focused on food, from setting off for her hour-long walk to go and tend to her vegetables, to spending hours peeling and chopping garlic to add to jars of olive oil "for future usage" in case she happens to suddenly run out of fresh garlic (she never does).

Cooking is a way of life for my grandmother and as she says in the film, it takes time and hard work to truly eat well. Hoping you enjoy the film and love my grandmother as much as Iska and I do. Please do share with your networks along with a link to our Unbound campaign

Anastasia xx

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