Grand Dishes

By Iska Lupton and Anastasia Miari

A cookbook of time-perfected recipes and stories from wise and witty grandmothers across the globe

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Grand Dishes in the Making

Hello from a distance!!

Sorry we've been quiet. If you've been following on instagram, you'll know we haven't been MIA but rather, on our final, intense granny missions for the book. 

November and December we were lucky enough to be sponsored by Hertz and Brand USA on our Great Granny Road Trip across the USA. We crossed from New York to North Carolina, into Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and then on to California on a five week long journey that saw us cook with THIRTEEN grannies.

Then on to Mexico it was for a spicy pollo de tingas recipe from Abuela Betsy and a rather unsavoury sampling of crickets - surprisingly salty.

Before the dreaded Rona took hold, we managed to even sneak in a couple of grannies in London - Jean from Jamaica, Chula from Thailand and Thin from Vietnam - and then flew to Istanbul to fill our boots with Baklava and learn to make the most delicious aubergine salad recipe from Mihriban and super easy pine nut Helva from 92-year-old Mualla. 

In amidst all of this, we submitted our manuscript for Grand Dishes and we're now in the editing stage. Which means, it's in the making. We haven't forgotten about you and your support. We know you're due a book or two! March 2021 is our publish date (yes, we want it out sooner too but good things come to those who wait - and you've waited for so long, we can guarantee this one's going to be a good one.)

For now, do please join us over at instagram, where we're sharing some of the dedications and recipes our friends in the food world have given us for the book. We've asked the likes of Chef Francis Mallmann to give us a recipe of their grandmothers', so in addition to the grannies we've cooked with, there are an extra fifty recipes in the book, gifted us by famous chefs, who have got surprisingly gooey about their own grandmothers. 

Love to you all while you're home and doing your bit to take care that those most vulnerable to this pandemic remain safe, well and fighting fit to cook your favourite dishes. 

Anastasia + Iska xxxx 

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