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A coming-of-age Graphic Novel about expression, rebellion, ambition and acceptance painted against the backdrop of Mumbai's ever changing and evolving street-culture

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Getting there.

Hi everyone!

My sincere apologies for the radio silence. But, if at all there is an excuse, it is that Anand and I have been working hard at the book. There's still a ways to go, but its looking like we should be finishing the book in May / June and the copies should be going out shortly after.

We've also brought in Jason Wordie as the colourist on the book. The pages are looking really pretty and I'm very happy with how the story's shaped up so far.

It is a long road, finishing a project of this length. But, Anand, Jason, Aditya and I have been enjoying every moment of it. I am immensely proud of every single page we've made so far.

It has been a dream to create something of this length, and yet have it feel crafted and sculpted and hewn, not produced. I hope that comes through in a few months when you'll all have copies in hand.

In the meantime, thank you so much for backing us and for being so very patient!


Much love,






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Ryan O'Sullivan
 Ryan O'Sullivan says:

Beautiful work.

posted 22nd March 2018

Enrico Murgia
 Enrico Murgia says:

It's impossible to describe how much I'm excited for this book! I can't wait! I'm stunned every time I see a new page! Keep up the good work guys!

posted 22nd March 2018

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