Spike Milligan Book Competition Winner

Friday, 6 April 2018

Thanks to all of you who entered the competition. I found it very difficult to pick the three finalists as the captions you suggested were all so funny and/or clever. In the end, I had to ask my Facebook friends to help me choose. The winner was then selected through a Twitter poll and the caption with the most votes was that of *drum roll*...

Ewan Lawrie

Ewan wins It Ends With Magic signed by Spike Milligan. The two runners-up who each get a Glarnies, Green Berets & Goons bookmark signed by Sally Magnusson are

Lady Sumarumi and Andrew Biggs

Here are their captions:

Ewan - Can't you read? It says no smoking in ear!

Lady S - Larry Stephens was admired for his highbrow work.

Andrew - Larry wasn't sure that it had been wise to embrace the new fad for eyebrow tattooing.



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Julie x

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