It's All In The Mind: The Life And Legacy Of Larry Stephens

By Julie Warren

The remarkable story of a WWII Commando who transformed British comedy.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Some new information

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you know about a couple of things that have come to light since It's All In The Mind was published.

First of all Nick, administrator of the No. 5 Commando Group on Facebook, has acquired some 1/5 Commando newsletters from Ken Wagget's* son, Greg. I hadn't previously known of the existence of these newsletters - which were produced following the merger of No.s 1 and 5 Commando in Hong Kong - and was excited to see that Larry was given a couple of mentions:


Secondly, John Heron's** son, Max got in touch with me in respect of Major Bray. In the book I have described how Major Bray was affectionately known as 'Woner' but Max has informed me that his nickname was actually 'Oner' as you can see from this letter written by the man himself to John Heron:

I had the spelling as 'Woner' as that is how Larry had written it in his letters to his girlfriend Margery. The only other place I've ever seen it written down is in the history of 5 Commando in the final edition of the Third Jungle Book where it is also 'Woner'. What makes this interesting for me is that I've always suspected Larry wrote the Jungle Book article and this spelling of Bray's nickname suggests even more strongly that Larry was indeed responsible!


Now that the lockdown rules are starting to be relaxed and bookshops are reopening, if you happen to see a copy of It's All In The Mind out in the wild, I'd be really grateful if you could take a photograph for me please and send it to me on Twitter (@lsggbg), Facebook ( or email ( I'm currently shielding and so am confined to barracks.

I hope that you've all received your copies of the book now. If not please drop me a line to  And if you've already read (and hopefully enjoyed!) it, please do leave a review and/or rating on Amazon or Goodreads as it helps to spread the word about it. Thank you!

I hope you're all keeping safe and well.

Julie x


*See pages 52 and 132

** See dedication and note on page 381

*** See pages 85 and 99


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Roger Stevenson
 Roger Stevenson says:

Well done Julie and thanks for letting us all know. Here in Wales, lockdown is much tighter so it will be a while before I venture to a bookshop. However, as soon as I do, I shall not only look for it but ask why they don't stock it.

posted 23rd June 2020

Julie Warren
 Julie Warren says:

Thank you so much Roger. And thank you for your fabulous review on Amazon.

posted 24th June 2020

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