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Thursday, 30 November 2017

You may have seen my name in the Mirror. It read nerraW eiluJ.
Badum tish

I have a few bits of news to share with you from the last week or so. My name wasn't in the Mirror (I 'borrowed' that joke from an old Goon Show episode, by the way) but it was in the Guardian. I wrote about Larry for 'Snapshot' which is in the Family section of the paper every Saturday.

  • The Tony Hancock Appreciation Society wrote a wonderful review of the Lost Hancocks: Vacant Lot event that took place in Wolverhampton on 4 November 2017. Read it here. The cast and crew are keen to perform Vacant Lot again so if you know of any theatres that may be interested in hosting it, please let me know. And don't forget, the script for the first episode will be included as an appendix to Glarnies, Green Berets & Goons!
  • A BBC Radio documentary from 2007, entitled Larry Stephens: The Man Who Never Was, has been included on the recent Goon Show Compendium Volume 13 release, together with some of the very early episodes that Larry co-wrote.
  • Another recent release is Hancock's Half Hour Collectibles: Volume 1 and there's a fair bit about Larry from page 19 of the accompanying PDF booklet as well as a photograph of him with Spike. Read it here.

Finally, a reminder that if you're looking for Christmas present inspiration, unusual stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts, there are three Glarnies gift certificates to choose from, details here.

Julie x

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