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Christmas Gift Certificates + new Secret Santa pledge level

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

What better gift for someone at Christmas than the chance to be immortalised by having their name included in every edition of Larry Stephens' biography?!

I've made some gift certificates for those of you who want to pledge for Glarnies, Green Berets & Goons on behalf of someone else for Christmas. There are three different designs (click on the pictures to see larger versions) and each of them can be personalised and adapted to suit you. Once you've pledged, email me on dreensdo@gmail.com and tell me which design you'd like and the details you'd like me to add or amend. You'll then be able to email or print the personalised certificate for your intended recipient.

I've also added a new reward level of £5 - a perfect solution for all those tricky Secret Santas!




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