...and a cuddly toy?

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Q: What do the following have in common?

  • A decomposed owl;
  • Whisto, the wonder shave-cream;
  • A framed portrait of Jim Spriggs;
  • Summer season at Bearwood.

If you answered, "conveyor belt items in a nightmarish version of the Generation Game," it's a good answer but it's not right. (Bearwood is a place in the West Midlands rather than a cuddly toy!) These truly splendid phrases are included in a reward that has recently been added to the Glarnies, Green Berets & Goons page.

I was reading about my local community centre last week and how the building of it was financed through a crowdfunding campaign in the 1960s. Residents paid 6d to buy a brick until enough money was raised for the whole building. I started thinking about whether there was a way I could apply that idea to Glarnies and realised that a book's 'bricks' are its words (I'm quick like that, me!). The decomposed owl etc. are phrases from Glarnies which are now available for adoption. There are 10 in total - check them out! I've also added a new 'Patron' level which makes it possible to sponsor a whole section of the book.

We're at 55% and climbing. Onwards and upwards!

Julie x

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