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Sunday, 18 February 2018



It's been another busy week at the coalface of metal. More pledges have come in, my research was aided by a contact who was at Poison's appearance at Soho's legendary Shades record store in May 1987 (and there's some footage shot in the store on the same day here) and I was interviewed by the excellent Every Record Tells A Story site about the project. I also wrote a piece for The Quietus' 'Black Sky Thinking' slot about the case for rehabilitating glam metal.

Thanks again to everyone who's not only pledged, but has got the word out there about the book. We're going into the last third of the fundraising now and keeping up the momentum is *essential*. So, if you've posted about it already, please do so again, mail it to anyone you know who would be interested and if you can write or talk about it anywhere in the media that would be an enormous help. Similarly if you know people who were around the scene at the time and would be happy to talk to me for the book, send them my way as I'd love to include their recollections and experiences.


ps: Speaking of Shades, one of this week's research finds was an old advert for the store in a 1986 copy of Kerrang! including perhaps one of the ones examples of lo-fi cartography in which the whole of central London appears to be made up of just six streets. Genuinely amazing that anybody ever found their way to the shop. Anyway, for more stuff like this, follow me on Instagram, @no_ufos.

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Judith Griffith
Judith Griffith says:

Shades! Flashback to my metal 80s/90s! I used to order all my stuff from there. Gutted it closed before I ever got to visit it.

February 19, 2018

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