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Part memoir, part recipe book, part visual history and part intimate revelation by the celebrated interior designer


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Things Nicky Haslam Finds Common

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Scented candles, celebrity chefs, Ibiza, not eating carbs, confidence, personal trainers, pronouncing the "e" in furore, expensive bikes, Halloween, jazz, saying "bye bye" -- receive your limited-edition "Things Nicky Haslam Finds Common" tea towel, plus a signed edition of the book. Limited to 20

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Throwing a dinner party? Let Nicky advise you on what to cook, what to drink, the music, decor and who you should channel on the night. Plus you will receive a signed first-edition of the book and the ebook

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Join Nicky for a night on the town at an event of his choosing or as his guest at one of his cabaret shows. You will also receive a signed, first-edition and the ebook

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