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Street level snapshots from a borough under pressure.


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Just give us a simple fiver and we will send you a copy of the e-book and smile at you in the street, nothing more, nothing less.

Hardback Hackney

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A feeling of righteous positivity and your very own copy of the Good News Hackney hardback book to keep forever or give away to charity.


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Signed 1st edition hardback and ebook edition

Polish Lager Patron

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A signed, dedicated first edition of the book, an exclusive postcard print and your name in the back of the book as a 'Polish Lager' level patron.

Wish you were here?

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Be the envy of your friends with this showcase of urban beauty. The book plus a pack of ten limited edition 'Visit Hackney' postcards and a special GNH gift.

On the wall (studio apartment)

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Choose a 12 x 8 (A4) fine art print from a choice of our favourite pictures from the book and we'll send it to you along with a signed first edition of the hardback.


Three first-edition hardbacks signed by the author and sent to the same address (save a fiver and also save on postage), plus an e-book.

Personalised insult

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The author will sign your first-edition hardback with a personalised insult aimed at you or a loved on which drives a spear through the worst things about your personality, plus A4 print and e-book.

On the wall (warehouse conversion)

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A one of a kind numbered fine art print (12x16/A3) of any of the images from the book, along with the a signed first edition, and special gift.

You make headlines

Your very own GOODNEWSHACKNEY headline on the famous Hackney Gazette masthead, personalised for you, a friend or a sworn enemy. Plus signed first-edition hardback and e-book

Meet the press/press the flesh

Exclusive tour of the Hackney Archives and a private Q&A with the journalistic superbrains behind headlines like CRACK ADDICT DWARF BATTERED plus signed first-edition hardback, headline and a special gift.

Leading the way since back in the day

Become a top drawer Good News Hackney patron. Get your name right up front in the book as the local hero who made it happen, a limited edition signed print, postcards, a special framed headline and a raft of other benefits too generous to list here.

Local hero

Collectible signed first-edition hardback, A3 print, personalised Hackney Gazette headline, special dedication at the front of the book and a swag bag of GOOD NEWS HACKNEY merchandise. Everything above plus 10 copies of the book to sort you out for many Christmases to come.