Go West

By David Quantick

From the Emmy Award-winning writer, a novel about an Antiques Whisperer and forgery hunter on the trail of a mysterious document

Friday, 28 April 2017

TV On The Radio

John Peel turns up a lot in Go West, partly as a symbol of integrity but mostly because he's great.

And the fact that in his early career he changed his name from John Ravenscroft to John Peel allowed me to drag in the weirdest DJ Name-Change fact ever: that when British DJ Rick West took up his new job at a radio station in Seattle he was told that he would have to change his name as the previous DJ had just left and they'd made all the station idents already. And so it was that Rick West became Tommy Vance.

Of course, his real name wasn't Rick West, either. It was Richard Anthony Crispian Francis Prew Hope-Weston. Which would have made a terrible jingle.

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Nigel Wassell
 Nigel Wassell says:

Yes, one can imagine it: "RACFPHW, play that rock'n'roll...." Erm....

posted 1st May 2017

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