Go West

By David Quantick

From the Emmy Award-winning writer, a novel about an Antiques Whisperer and forgery hunter on the trail of a mysterious document

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Remake Retouch

I wrote about Go West, in passing (sort of) in Record Collector magazine. Which reminded me that I had used Record Collector to do some research. There's a label in Germany who specialise in blues and folk reissues. They do gorgeous boxed sets with photos and notes - and I learned in an RC piece that the man who does their artwork had a dilemma. He would get old photos of long dead bluesmen - faded, creased and cracked images - and digitise them to remove the ravages of time. But then the photos looked... too clean, somehow. Not aged. Not authentic. So what did he do? He digitally re-aged them. A crease here, a crack there... As if the real past wasn't good enough.

It's all in the book, folks.


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