Go West

By David Quantick

From the Emmy Award-winning writer, a novel about an Antiques Whisperer and forgery hunter on the trail of a mysterious document

Thursday, 10 January 2019


Go West is out on the 24th of January and I'll be going into to Unbound to sign some copies next week.

Two lucky pledgers will receive handmade CDs of a special Go West John Peel playlist, featuring extracts from shows throughout Peel's career and special versions of songs from the show Here's a selection for viewers at home:


And thanks again everyone who's supported this book!


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Gary Jones
 Gary Jones says:

Marvellous, when and where is the launch party being held?

posted 11th January 2019

Jim Mortleman
 Jim Mortleman says:

Well done David. Looking forward to it. Don't tell Clint Eastwood or he'll be nicking your title for his next movie...

posted 11th January 2019

Alexander Peterhans
 Alexander Peterhans says:

Fantastic, the day before my birthday - how did you know!!

posted 11th January 2019

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