Girl With a Gun: A Teenage Freedom Fighter in Iran

By Diana Nammi and Karen Attwood

A gripping and moving first-hand account of one woman’s fight to change the world around her

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Thank you - almost 100 supporters for Girl With A Gun

Dear crowdfunders,

Firstly, a huge thank you for buying a pre-order copy of our book. We are at 98 supporters in just over a month and at 18% of our target funding level. We cannot do this without your support so do please spread the word about our book among your friends and family and anyone you think might be interested in Girl With A Gun, the story of Diana's early years, the Iranian Revolution, and Diana's time as a peshmerga fighter in Iran.

Diana and I have been working on the book for about one year and we are now speeding up our writing process since signing with Unbound. We are at about 20,000 words with 60,000 to go. Crowdfunding takes on average six months, so we are told, so we hope to have the bulk of the writing finished by the time we fund.

Sisterhood magazine, an award-winning online magazine, is shortly to do an interview with Diana and I've been interviewed by my local papers. I'm posting the links below and we will share Diana's interview when that is published.

Best wishes,

Karen and Diana



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