Girl With a Gun: A Teenage Freedom Fighter in Iran

By Diana Nammi and Karen Attwood

A gripping and moving first-hand account of one woman’s fight to change the world around her

Saturday, 15 July 2017

One quarter funded, Sisterhood magazine interview and a pledge party!

We have made it to one quarter funded which is excellent news. We are well on our way. Thank you to those who are among our first supporters. Getting from 25% to 50% can be one of the most difficult parts of crowdfinding as many people will not fund a project until it gets to the half way mark so it is vital to build momentum at this stage and not stall the campaign. You are now our key cheerleaders so do please tell people you know would be interested in this story.  We've had a few questions from supporters wishing to increase their pledges. You can do this at any stage of the process so thank you. 

Diana has been interviewed by the award-winning Sisterhood magazine about her life and our book so do check out the article here and share this among friends and colleagues.

We've also taken part in a pledge party at Waterstones Gower Street. This was quite a nerve-wracking but fun event where Diana and I had five minutes to talk about our book along with seven other Unbound authors - all with great stories. You can have a listen to our talk in this video which includes a reading from the book.

We will be doing another talk in Central London in August and it would be great to have some of you along. I'll send details in our next update.

Karen and Diana



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