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The good, the bad, the uncontrollable and the ugly. The realities of mental illness - and everything that comes with it.

Monday, 29 October 2018

We hit the big 100!

Hey guys, we did it. We hit 100%. GIRL, UNWIRED is going to be published. It's going to be an actual thing that you can actually hold in your hands. How crazy is that?

I want to say thank you to everyone who believed in me and everyone who helped make this happen.

Today marks one month since the live launch and so it's pretty mad to be sat here (in a cosy jumper under a blanket, classic duvet day), saying that the book is actually going to be happening.

I hope you all get to enjoy it, and the rewards you've chosen to come with it - whether that's your name in the back and the ebook or a higher tier pledge like the self-care box (which is going to be filled with the best goodies ever).

Over the time this book takes to be turned into a physical thing, you will be receiving email updates, from both Unbound and from me, and if you follow my Twitter I will be tweeting about it - though probably not AS much because I think I've filled people's timelines up enough - wouldn't you agree?

The campaign will remain open until the publishing date. Publishers tend to work a year in advance (this is standard for all publishers). 

And so, over this time, you can still pledge, you can upgrade your pledge, or you can even change your name to Cheesy Potatoe if you fancy having that published in the book instead of your own name (yes, we really have to publish that if you decide to do that). 

Please do continue sharing the project far and wide so that anyone who may be struggling with a mental illness can get their hands on it. 

The book will be available in bookshops when it's published - but if you buy it through Unbound, you get to read it before it's in trade with the original cover, you get your name published in the back of every copy, you get the ebook and whichever other rewards you choose from. 

I'm going to finish up now because I'm rambling. But thank you so much for making this happen. Thank you for believing in me and this book. Thank you for your trust and your patience, and thank you for making one of my biggest dreams come true.

Love to every single one of you,

Hattie x 

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