By Hattie Gladwell

The good, the bad, the uncontrollable and the ugly. The realities of mental illness - and everything that comes with it.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

26% in the first week: A BIG THANK YOU!

Hey guys!

Firstly: Thank you SO much to everyone who has backed the book so far. It honestly means more to me than you could ever imagine. And 26% in its first week is incredible, I can’t quite believe it!

I’m so excited at the idea of having all of your names in the back of the book, and to write personal messages in the front of books and letters, too. You’re going to get the BEST DAMN MESSAGE THERE IS.

I started writing this book after a breakdown and I still can’t quite believe it when I see the beautiful cover. Writing this book honestly got me through so much and I’m hoping it’ll do the same for you guys, too. 

In this book I talk about so many things: OCD, bipolar disorder, BPD, anxiety, health anxiety, depression, bulimia, body dysmorphia, suicidal thoughts, self harm, intrusive thoughts, you name it, it’s all there. 

Its about going through mental illness, something that I’m still doing which is why I think this book is unique: it’s not going to fill you with the idea that one book is going to cure you and take all of your suffering away. It is going to be a support and a comfort - something to relate to and remind you that you’re not on your own.

Because it talks about my experience with different disorders - the very worst of them - I also think it’ll help people realise what they’re going through. Maybe you have symptoms but you’re not sure what they represent. Maybe you’ll finish this book and end up going to the doctor and being diagnosed with something you didn’t know about until you read it.

If you guys take anything from this book, it’s that it is possible to survive and manage life with mental illness. Yes there are going to be bloody awful days but there will be good ones too. 

This book is about coping, managing, surviving - and going through this rollercoaster of a journey together.

Lots of love to you all x 

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