Gin Lane Gazette

By Adrian Teal

Heat magazine – 18th century style

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Gazette on Tour

Profound apologies for my extended leave of absence from the Shed, my pretties. I trust I find you all well. You should have received your hard copies of The Gin Lane Gazette some time ago, and those of you who shelled out a few additional guineas (Gawd bless yer) will by now be gasping in horror at caricatures of yourselves as bewigged Georgian personages. I am reliably informed that those amongst you who have been awaiting the eBook version of my magnum opus will very soon have your patience rewarded with an email link to a PDF download. 

The trade edition of my tome (i.e. the version that will grace bookshops) launches on April 2nd. We'll be promoting the Gazette right through the year, and we have already begun to think about a bustling itinerary of speaking engagements, by which means I shall scandalise audiences with bawdy tales, and shameless hard selling. As it happens, two firm fixtures are already in the diary. On 9th April, I shall be talking at Danson House, Bexleyheath, and on 15th April I shall grace with my estimable presence the Benjamin Franklin House, at 36 Craven Street in That London. If you follow me on Twitter (@adeteal), keep an eye out for details of how you and your friends and relations might gain admittance to these events, although assiduous Unbounders will doubtless furnish you with particulars via one of their entertaining newsletters. We are also planning a brace of splendid and exciting events in Bath's matchless Royal Crescent, and spiels at other august venues in the capital. We will, of course, keep you abreast of developments.

I hope you will forgive me trespassing once again on your good natures, but I would greatly value your assistance in making The Gin Lane Gazette an unparalleled success in the wider world. If you have enjoyed it, please be kind enough to tell everyone within earshot, and entreat them to purchase copies in bulk quantities. Blog about it, tweet about it, review it online, and rave about it in thoroughfares with the aid of speaking trumpets. Do contact me if you formulate an artful stratagem for evangelising about the book in any context, or if you would like me to speak to your museum, stately home, historical property and/or society, or academic institution. Thank you once again for your attention.

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