Soft, Strong, and Thoroughly Absorbing.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hello, all. I am return'd from the Colonies, where I was telling our American cousins all about their own history via the gift of caricature. You can see what it was all about here, if you're interested:

Any way, enough of that. This is a short blast on the promo horn to let you all know that the paperback version of The Gin Lane Gazette will be released into the wild on 1st November (2014). I'll tweet where you can obtain it ad nauseam, obviously. This is magnificent news that I know you'll all be eager to shout loud and long from your rooftops, and who am I to stop you? Please do carry on. It may be a softer, more papery version of the lovingly fettled hardback edition, but it's still an iron fist of scandal in a velvet glove of rococo aesthetics. I wish you joy of it.

Thank you kindly.



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