Gin Lane Gazette

By Adrian Teal

Heat magazine – 18th century style

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Well, we made it, good people. Gin Lane Gazette's Pie of Funds currently stands at 104%. I am - as you can probably imagine - cockahoop. I am also ridiculously grateful to you all for pledging, and for spreading the good word. Without your tireless help, &c, &c. It's humbling and thrilling. We can still take pledges, of course, and there's a very special edition of the book to support, so do continue blackmailing friends and relations into having a punt.

Our event at Black's Club on 27th June was fantastic and, if you came, I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Both the punch and our beautiful Georgian ladies were delicious, I think you'll agree. There are photos on the Unbound Facebook page, if you'd care to cast an eye. Black's is a magnificent venue, and if you get the chance to enter its hallowed portals, you should grab it, like James Boswell after a street-trull. It's rapidly becoming Unbound's spiritual home, and there shall doubtless be more events there in future.

Another landmark moment: I have finished writing the book. Well, the first draft, at least. It's being edited as I type (probably), and this week I begin the Herculean task of illustrating. If I go quiet on you, both here and on Twitter, that will be why. I shall be locked away like a monk in a scriptorium. Feel free to send the occasional cake. And a hooker. Or a hooker with a cake.

Are any of you Midlanders coming to our Unbound gig at Birmingham Library Theatre on Tuesday, 10th July? I hope so. Proceedings kick off at 7pm. I'll be speaking, as will Robert Llewellyn, Steve Colgan, and others. Should be splendid.


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Ian Buxton
 Ian Buxton says:

Any hope of another London event 19, 20 or 21 July - when I happen to be there!

posted 9th July 2012

Adrian Teal
 Adrian Teal says:

Nothing I'm aware of as yet, old bean. Sorry. But keep checking Unbound's Twitter and Faceache, because things have a habit of cropping up unexpectedly.

posted 9th July 2012

Siobhan Hoffmann Heap
 Siobhan Hoffmann Heap says:

Chelsea buns could be arranged...

posted 2nd August 2012

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