Gin Lane Gazette

By Adrian Teal

Heat magazine – 18th century style

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lewdness in the Library.

Hello, all. I'm stopping by briefly to tell you that I have another Gin Lane Gazette gig coming up, this time at Hornchurch Library on 27th March. Here are the details: I hope some of you will see fit to venture into the wilds of Havering for another lively disquisition on Georgian lewdness.

I'd like to thank Unbound's and QI's co-founder, John Mitchinson, who gave us all a brilliant insight into the remarkable life of the 19th-century explorer Mary Kingsley at our Historic Punch on 3rd March. We have another splendid event coming up at Blacks Club, Soho, on 24th March, so do please consult the website for more details of Dr Paul Koudounaris's spiel about Sicilian Sex Ghosts

Finally, don't forget to spread the word that the Kindle edition of Gin Lane Gazette is now fettled and ready for hand-held action:

Well done. Carry on.

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