Gin Lane Gazette

By Adrian Teal

Heat magazine – 18th century style

Friday, 1 June 2012

I Thang Yew.

I must dish out a thank you or two. The weather in East Anglia on Monday was exceptionally nice, yet the splendid Sarah Churchwell, Siobhan Hoffman Heap, and the good folk of UEA, Norwich, were extremely welcoming, and eschewed the lure of the beer garden in favour of bending an attentive ear towards my tales of Georgian lewdness. We're going to have a much bigger Unbound/historian event there in September - about which we'll keep you posted, obviously - and it was a pleasure to be the warm-up act for that.

I am also obliged to the Museum of London, who will be giving the book a puff in one of their summer newsletters. I strongly recommend following them on Twitter, as they always have good things brewing.

The good people of Twitter have been tremendous of late in RT-ing anything and everything I ever post about the book, and their continued support is moist-makingly lovely. It is thanks largely to their efforts that the book is now 72% funded. Three cheers, please.

I have now finished writing the 1770s section of the Gin Lane Gazette, and I'm plunging straight into the 1780s when I have had a nice lie down, and a little group therapy.

Onwards, and upwards.

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