Gin Lane Gazette

By Adrian Teal

Heat magazine – 18th century style

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Gin Lane Gazette Salon, 27th June.

I am very happy to announce that on Wednesday the 27th June, at Black's Club, Dean Street, in London's throbbing Soho, we will be holding a Gin Lane Gazette Subscription Salon.

Events kick off at 7.30pm, with Unbound's and QI's very own Mr John Mitchinson delighting us with tales of crowd-funded publishing. I shall then tell you some fabulously bawdy and bizarre stories from the 18th century, all of which will be taken directly from the pages of the book. To round things off, two delightful and beguiling Georgian ladies, Kitty Pridden and Rose Deacon, shall regale us with a rollicking piece of salon entertainment. 

Numbers will be limited to 35 souls, and details of the evening will appear on Twitter, and in an Unbound newsletter, very soon. But I wanted to forewarn you so that you can keep your diaries free. There'll also be a chance to pledge for a very special edition of the Gin Lane Gazette.

If you aren't familiar with Black's Club, you're in for a treat. The phrase 'like going back in time' is overused, but in Black's case it is entirely apt. It has a wonderful, clubbable feel it, evocative of the Georgian chop- or coffee-house, and its wall-to-wall Hogarths will please the most jaded of eyes.

Join us!

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